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Athlete Ambassador Program

What is an NSOF Athlete Ambassador?

These are professional and accomplished athletes who have devoted their time, energy, and resources to support the families and Warriors that comprise Navy Special Operations. These men and women are champions who understand the sacrifice it takes to be the best, and we are honored they choose to represent NSOF.

Ben Gedeon

Minnesota Vikings Lineback

Ben Gideon NSOF Athlete Ambassador

NSOF is honored that Ben has chosen to represent our community through the NFL's MyCauseMyCleats Campaign. Ben's brother serves as an active duty Navy EOD officer in Virginia and he wanted to use his platform to support the men and women who serve next to him.

Brad Snyder

Paralympic Gold Medal Winner

Brad Snyder NSOF Athlete Ambassador

Brad is a former Navy EOD officer and Paralympic champion who has acquired five gold medals in swimming to date. He lost his eyesight to an improvised explosive device while serving with SEAL Team 10 in Afghanistan, 2011. Brad serves as an advisory board member for NSOF and is committed to the betterment of this community for life.

What is an NSOF Athlete?

Navy Special Operations personnel are comprised of physically fit, highly motivated individuals due to the inherent nature of their profession. We want to assist any person inside or outside of the NSO community who is inspired to participate in athletic competitions to honor the Warriors who have been wounded or killed in action from this brave community of heroes. These events fall under a myriad of different types but could include triathlons, half/full marathons, adventure races or other similar athletic events.

Who can serve as an NSOF Athlete?

Anyone can apply to be an NSOF athlete and we highly encourage diverse involvement. A great way to be successful is to encourage family and friends to become involved with your effort through donations, social media, and creative forms of awareness in any form!


What is the purpose of the program?

The goal of this program is to raise public awareness and fundraise to support the unique needs within the Navy Special Operations community. By competing in these types of events, both large and small, which are open to the public and in many cases highly publicized at both local and national levels, the NSO Foundation is able to connect to communities all around the country in a much more impactful way. Through their words and actions, these passionate athletes are able to raise funds that can be utilized to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our families.

How to Sponsor an Athlete

- Choose an athlete
- Select an amount that you wish to sponsor
- Sponsoring an amount of $75 or more will include a complimentary NSOF shirt*
- Your contribution will be used to support the NSOF mission of keeping our families in the fight!

* Shirt offer based on availability

NSOF Athletes