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This organization exists for the sole purpose of meeting the very diverse needs of our operators and their families, and providing compassionate and exceptional services which have been meticulously vetted.  Every person working on behalf of NSOF will work towards achieving the betterment of our community above their own individual interests without exception.


Each and every member of NSOF, or those acting on its behalf, will conduct business as the utmost courteous, empathetic, and passionate professionals without exception. All directors, staff, and volunteers will carry out their duties in a manner that is conducive to the extremely important mission they are working to carry out.


This organization will be forward-leaning, innovative, and will aggressively work 24/7 for the operators and families it is entrusted to serve. We will never be satisfied with the status quo but rather we will constantly work towards unlocking new potential and surpassing new milestones.

Paralympic gold medal winner Brad Snyder

Board member Brad Snyder encompasses all of these values

Brad lost his sight to an IED while serving as an EOD Platoon Commander in support of Navy Special Warfare during combat operations in Afghanistan. He was clearing the path so his brothers could stay in the fight and has continued to clear his own obstacles by becoming a Gold Medal winner on the U.S. Paralympic Swim Team. Brad is the personification of a true Warrior and represents the very best of the Navy Special Operations family!