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Community Presence

To grow and strengthen bonds between our members, we host exceptional events for operators and their families.  These events range from festivals, weekend getaways, and unique family experiences which are more than just a fun time but provide a critical bridge towards building the resolve and resiliency of the community by creating unscripted opportunities for relationship-building and networking.  This has proven invaluable in helping our Warriors heal the emotional wounds that have surfaced after decades of relentless combat around the globe.  This is equally important for allowing spouses and children to share in this healing process with their loved ones, something that is essential for lasting success.

This community presence is a lifelong network that does not have an expiration date, but rather is built upon and maintained to ensure our members always know who to turn to for assistance, friendship, and guidance.  It is important to use our platform to raise awareness within our own communities and across the nation by telling the incredible stories of our heroes who have saved so many lives by living the creed of protector first, warrior always.