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Transition Assistance

Over 250,000 service members transition from the military into the civilian workforce every year. The Navy Special Operations community represents the top 1% of that population.  NSOF stands ready to support these operators in finding meaningful careers after their selfless service to our nation.


What we do

  • Identify operators 24 months prior to their separation or retirement to ensure they have adequate time to prepare and plan for their transition
  • Provide a well-rounded set of resources and programs best suited for NSO service members and tailored to their personal and professional career goals
  • Leverage our personal and professional network to provide them with curated opportunities and introductions to those who have made the transition as well as business professionals

Request assistance so our team can contact you to schedule a consultation to discuss your personal career goals. After learning more about your individual needs we can recommend which resources and partner programs would best align with your professional goals. If you have successfully transitioned and would like to become a part of our network of professionals please use this form as well.






Elite Meet networking event in Houston, TX

Elite Meet networking event in Houston, TX