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Youth Programs

Our children deserve the utmost gratitude and respect for the sacrifices they make as their parents leave to fight the nation's battles. Our Warriors miss birthdays, holidays, and so many more memories that can never be recaptured. We work aggressively to place them into exceptional sporting and educational programs, summer camps, and athletic activities that promote health and wellness.

These youth programs are essential in helping to fill the void and facilitate building meaningful friendships between these children who share common struggles. It is imperative that while our heroes are protecting the nation in faraway places around the globe, they are comforted by the fact their children are being cared for back home.

What we do

NSOF Kids Days:  We fund various Kids Day events throughout the year which include activities such as Indoor skydiving, golfing, zip-lining, and more that promote health and wellness.

Summer Camps:  NSOF has partnered with exceptional organizations to provide the children of NSO service-members with unique programs such as space camps and outdoor water sports they otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to experience.

Amusement Passes:  We provide season passes to local attractions which promote strong family bonds and resilience.

How We've Helped

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