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Youth & Family Programs

Our families deserve the utmost gratitude and respect for the sacrifices they make as their NSO Warriors leave to fight the nation's battles. These Warriors miss birthdays, holidays, and so many more memories that can never be recaptured.  It is also when they return with emotional and physical scars from war that programs are offered that help place them into environments which support reconnecting with loved ones.

These family programs are essential in helping to fill the void and facilitate building meaningful friendships between both spouses and children who share common struggles. It is imperative that while our heroes are protecting the nation in faraway places around the globe, they are comforted by the fact their children are being cared for back home.

What we do

Family Experiences:  These experiences provide a critical bridge towards building resiliency within community by creating unscripted opportunities for relationship-building and networking.  This has proven invaluable in helping our Warriors heal the emotional wounds that have surfaced after decades of relentless combat. This is equally important for allowing spouses and children to share in this healing process with their loved ones, which is essential for lasting success.  We host weekend events at amazing venues such as Great Wolf Lodge to allow moms and dads to reconnect with their kids after extended deployments.

NSOF Kid Days:  We fund various events throughout the year with an emphasis on children which include activities such as Indoor skydiving, golfing and zip-lining to name a few. These activities are purposely selected to promote health and wellness in an environment in which these children can easily bond with others who have shared the same experiences of being separated from moms and dads for a majority of their childhood.

Youth Experiences:  NSOF has partnered with exceptional organizations to provide the children of Navy Special Operations service-members with unique programs such as space camps, outdoor water sports and summer camps that they otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to experience. We achieve this through carefully tailored programs that appeal to a wide age range as well as through scholarships set aside exclusively for NSO kids.  We also provide passes to local attractions such as water parks and zoos with a special emphasis on families of currently deployed NSO members.

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