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Host an Event

In order to expand our mission and raise awareness in our communities we need your support!  If you are wanting to become more involved by making real impacts consider hosting your own event! These events can take place anywhere and be as small or large as your imagination and energy allows.

We kindly ask that if you are interested, please download the following individual fundraising guidelines packet for general information prior to moving forward in the planning process.


Once you have an idea of where, when, and what type of event you would like to host contact us and we will help to ensure it is a huge success!

Tips for Success

  • Get the word out… Be relentless, enthusiastic, and passionate about our mission!
  • Post pictures, flyers, and videos often on all social media platforms and don’t forget to tag NSOF and friends.
  • Use key hashtags with posts such as #navyspecialoperations #nsof #navyeod #navydiver #protectorfirstwarrioralways #nsoforlife
  • Be sure to recognize businesses who support your cause early and often, this will encourage future participation.

Thank you for supporting our brave heroes.

NOTE: Please do not utilize the NSOF logo without receiving guidance and permission from our staff in writing. It is imperative that any events which will benefit the Navy Special Operations Foundation are aligned with our mission and values.