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Protector First, Warrior Always

Protector First, Warrior Always

Joe CockrellMar 08, 2019

Navy Special Operations Foundation - An Ever Present Organization

Navy Special Operations Foundation is the only organization exclusively dedicated to the Navy Special Operations (NSO) community. Our aim is to keep our NSO families in the fight, and we do so through our four pillars of support outlined below.

Strictly comprised of active or former NSO members and spouses, we understand what our operators need which allows us to meticulously vet resources best suited for the very unique and tight-knit community we are also a part of.

These unsung heroes of our Navy's fighting force have sacrificed so much for our nation, it's time we show our appreciation for them. If you're interested in supporting our mission in any way, we would love to hear from you! Currently we're seeking donations, sponsorships, volunteers, and silent auction items for our second annual NSOF Charity Gala at the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront on June 1st.

Please contact Suzanna Fisher at to find out more about how you can help directly impact these amazing service-members.

Navy Special Operations Foundation Warrior Care


Ensuring that the path is cleared for the operators and families that comprise the Navy Special Operations Foundation is the reason we exist. Formed by active duty members and their spouses, we understand firsthand the diverse needs that are required to maintain the resiliency of this unique community of heroes through strenuous deployments and arduous training cycles.

Gold Star, Wounded and Ill Warriors

The Foundation provides gap solutions in the form of financial assistance, childcare support, and immediate and ongoing relief for Combat Wounded and Gold Star surviving family members.

When there is an illness or injury, the Foundation provides logistical support to help lessen the burden for families so they can focus on healing.

For those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we stand firmly behind their family during and after this time of crisis by providing respite child care, specialized camps and retreats, and through partnerships with other nonprofit organizations that advance our mission.

This Foundation exists to support its members for life, and to bridge the gap when assistance cannot be provided through other channels.

Navy Special Operations Foundation


We ensure that our Warriors and their families, both past and present, are always connected to one another by providing unique and impactful ways to come together.  It is our belief that by creating exceptional experiences for our families and operators, it allows for organic and unscripted opportunities to build and foster meaningful relationships. 

This is particularly important in strengthening the bonds between our active forces and retired Warriors.  By providing and encouraging these connections it instills a sense of purpose for those who have hung up their uniforms, but who still desire to be a part of the community they have left.  

After decades of fighting wars around the globe, the physical and emotional wounds continue to surface in an overwhelming amount of NSO Warriors.  With PTSD and suicide levels at record levels among the EOD forces, we consider it our most solemn responsibility to continually work towards finding innovative ways to change this course in the future.  

The Navy Special Operations Foundation provides a lifelong network that does not have an expiration date, but rather is built upon and maintained to ensure our members always know who to turn to for assistance and guidance.  It is important to use our platform to raise awareness within our own communities and across the nation about the incredible stories of our heroes who have saved so many lives as protectors first, warriors always.

Navy Special Operations Foundation Youth Programs


Our children deserve the utmost gratitude and respect for the sacrifices they make as their parents leave to fight the nation's battles; missing birthdays, holidays, and so many more memories that can never be recaptured.  Navy Special Operations Foundation works aggressively to place them into exceptional programs, summer camps, and events to help fill the void and assist in building meaningful friendships with other kids who share common struggles.

Navy Special Operations Foundation Transition Assistance


We target personnel prior to their separation or retirement to ensure they experience the most professional and effective transition possible through established and vetted programs.  It is critically important that our Navy Special Operations operators are presented with every opportunity available so that they may achieve the success they deserve following their selfless service to this nation.

Navy Special Operations Foundation works to achieve this by partnering with organizations that have proven track records of delivering quality, executive style education which helps our Warriors translate their skills into the corporate sector. 

It is imperative that we only work with those organizations that understand the unique strengths and adaptability that members of the special operations community bring to the table.  Our primary purpose is to help members build their own professional network with other peers as well as exposing them to a broad spectrum of industries which helps to create new pathways for career opportunities.