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Kern River Operator Reset in CA

Kern River Operator Reset in CA

Joe CockrellFeb 22, 2019

Registration Now Open For NSOF's FREE Kern River Operator Reset in CA!

Exclusively for Active and Retired Navy EOD & Navy Diver Service-members

The NSOF Operator Reset Initiative is designed to unite those separated from the NSO community with Active Duty NSO service members, for the betterment of both. We achieve this through funded getaways like ski trips, hiking, or other such activities which remove these members away from daily stresses and allow the opportunity for truly organic and unscripted relationship bonding between members.

Veteran retreats rely on combat and disorders as being the commonality they all share and require various degrees of structured therapy. This creates the perception that there is something wrong with you if you're attending. While these sorts of programs have been effective, we believe there needs to be something in place at the truly preventative level. The environments our members will be placed in will be specifically selected to maximize boosting morale while simultaneously strengthening the bonds within our community.


  • Check-In: Saturday, June 22nd- 9:30am | Checkout: Sunday, June 23rd - 4pm
  • 2-Day guided rafting trip on the Lower Kern River. Camp overnight on the river shore the first day with lunch and dinner provided as well as breakfast and lunch the next day
  • Friday night lodging in Bakersfield will be provided if needed
  • This program is FREE! All we require is a $25 non-refundable deposit in case of any cancellations and is due upon confirmation into the event


Transitioned & Retired

This initiative brings NSO operators together and provides the platform to reconnect, and whose common ground is their small, tight-knit community. Many operators who have transitioned or retired, have a difficult time finding purpose and meaning when separated from their community. This is something that goes beyond the label PTSD, that of which pills and treatments can't fix, and alleviating mental illnesses can't fulfill. The fact is they are valued and still have much to offer through their experiences, knowledge, and skill sets.

Active Duty

The demand for Navy Special Operations has increased exponentially throughout the years. Our Active duty service members are left fatigued and struggling to maintain balance within their personal lives. Furnishing them with a platform away from the daily stresses creates the ability to reset while connecting and boosting morale naturally. Additionally, having a transitioned counterpart allows these operators to expand their network as well as more easily open up when they know that person has "been there, done that."