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The NSO Memorial Project

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Well over a year in the making, we are proud and thrilled to unveil The NSO Memorial Project - A joint project proudly presented by Navy Special Operations Foundation (NSOF), and one of our closest partners, the Navy EOD Association (NEODA).



The NSO Memorial not only honors our fallen Navy Special Operations (NSO) heroes, but its unique and original design simultaneously promotes healing and wellness for those who are still among us.

NSOF and NEODA have worked diligently to ensure that meaning has been embedded in every detail of this project.

The NSO Memorial Project pathway


Consisting of an intricately soothing paved pathway leading to the monument, the NSO memorial has been designed with keeping visitors in mind and those remembered, close to heart.


The NSO Memorial Project plaque


Along the pathway, podiums topped with bronze plaques depicting detailed, historical sceneries will display the intricate story of the development of the Navy EOD Operator and Navy Diver throughout history.


The NSO Memorial Project centerpiece


The labyrinth design at the base of the monument promotes reflective thinking, mindfulness, and holistic wellbeing. Erected upon the circular labyrinth are four pillars which lead the eye upwards towards the main archway.

The archway, which symbolizes strength & support, lightness & openness within density, as well as a threshold through which one passes to enter another kind of time and space, will include the names of fallen NEOD operators and Navy Divers.

The NSO Memorial Project bronze relief

The innermost pillars will feature bronzed relief statues created by Josh King, the brother of a Navy EOD veteran and creator of the popular animated Youtube series, "Little Top".

The November 1 (N-1) pictured above, will represent the modern-day Navy EOD Operator. The Navy Diver community will be represented by the Red Diver, a MK-V, Deep Sea Diver statue.

The outer pillars will include the engraved creeds of both #NEOD and Navy Divers.


The NSO Memorial Project location


Understanding firsthand the importance of honoring our fallen NSO heroes and their extremely high op-tempo, we wanted to ensure that the NSO Memorial is as accessible as possible to all.

While currently pending approval, the proposed location is for the NSO Memorial to be constructed on the east side of the EODGRUTWO building.

With this in mind, we have carefully ensured that our design can be easily replicated with our goal of mirroring the NSO Memorial on the West Coast for EODGRUONE in the near future.



While approval for the NSO Memorial is pending, we are currently accepting pledges for donations towards this incredible project. Upon confirmation and approval, we will reach out to you through the contact information provided to arrange the collection of your pledged donation.

Again, we are thrilled to finally share this with the NSO Community, and will be sharing more details very soon!

Support the Memorial

For any inquiries, please contact Suzanna Fisher at

Navy Special Operations Foundation is a nonprofit organization 501(c)3, Tax ID #82-3607020, founded in the state of Virginia ensuring all NSO personnel and their families are provided with the tools necessary to overcome any challenges they may face.