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Pathways to Purpose

The NSOF Pathways to Purpose Webinars are centered around personal & professional experiences that will help guide Transitioning NSO members towards their next successful venture. From higher education to contracting work, networking to resume services, our webinar series will cover crucial topics tailored to the needs of the Navy Special Operations Community.


Pathways to Purpose Intro

This introduction to NSOF's Pathways to Purpose Program features an impressive panel of experts in military transition. From higher education to entrepreneurship, our panelists will explain how NSOF Pathways to Purpose program is the first step for NSO Operators - no matter which path you’re considering.


Transition Education | Featuring The Honor Foundation

This P2P webinar features a diverse panel of successfully transitioned Navy EOD veterans - all former cohorts of The Honor Foundation (THF). See how THF can help prepare you for a successful transition into a meaningful civilian career!


NSO Disability Claims | Featuring VA Claims Reviewer

This webinar features VA Claim Reviewer and expert in NSO Disability Claims, Lauren Behr, as well as NEOD Veterans who have successfully completed the Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) program.



Transition Assistance

From higher education to entrepreneurship our Transition Assistance Program is the first step for NSO Operators - no matter which path you’re considering.

Find more information about this program and the Navy Special Operations Foundation below!

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