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Media Release

I hereby grant permission to Navy Special Operations Foundation (NSOF), to use, including to display publicly or to perform, the above-named image, likeness, or voice recording on the NSO Foundation website or in any other official Navy Special Operations Foundation publications without further notice or compensation. I hereby consent that any such image, likeness, or voice contained in photographs, recordings, and tapes are the property of Navy Special Operations Foundation, which shall have the right to print, reprint, publish, copy, vend, perform or represent publicly, or create derivative works based on and using the image, likeness, or voice depicted in such photograph, film, or sound recording as it may desire free and clear of any claim whatsoever on my part or the part of the above-named.

I also understand that once the above-named's image, likeness, or voice recording is published on a web site, it can be downloaded by any computer user. Personal information, such as full name, parent/guardian's names, addresses and telephone number will never be published. If a name is used with a photograph, film, or sound recording, it will be in the form of a first name and last initial. For example, Jane Doe may be listed as "Jane D."

Therefore I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Navy Special Operations Foundation, its officers, board members, staff, agents, successors and assignees (the "Indemnified Parties") from and against any and all claims and liabilities resulting from this publishing. Permission is granted for the use requested above.

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