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12" Sculpted Red Diver Statuette - The NSO Memorial

MK-V Red Diver Operator Statuette

MK-V Red Diver Bust 

No matter how extreme the conditions or the task at hand, Navy Divers will be there to play a vital role. Taking calculated risks when no one else will. Using willpower and thorough mental and physical training to excel in any situation. All for the purpose of a greater goal: to make the world a better, safer place.

Navy Diving has a rich and storied history; the R1 statue represents all our brothers and sisters, both past and present, whose blood and sweat have laid the foundation of where we stand today.

Red Diver is a Protector First but a Warrior Always.


These limited edition statuettes are each carefully hand-painted to ensure every single sculpture is one of a kind.

• Height: 12"

100% premium polyresin & casting material fill, with bronze, hand-painted finish

Sculpt by: Josh King   |   Mold & Cast by: Redman Studio Workshop

Veteran Owned | Designed & Made in the USA


ALL proceeds will go towards the construction and maintenance of The NSO Memorial Project.