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Emma Ferris

Athlete Ambassador: Emma Ferris 
• King’s Triathlon, St. Mary’s GA | March 26, 2022
• Flora-Bama Triathlon, Pensacola FL | April 9, 2022
• Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL | October 11, 2022

Emma's desire to give back to the NSO Community and turn her passion for running into something more meaningful led her to the NSOF Athlete Ambassador Program. She is truly grateful for all of her mentors in the community and appreciates that NSOF provides invaluable resources and support to active duty and veteran EOD/Diver personnel and their families. 
Emma is a Navy EOD Officer who, amongst her many accomplishments, has completed 4 marathons, and most recently finished the 2021 Boston Marathon with a PR of 3:14!

All donations made on behalf of Emma Ferris are tax-deductible and benefit the Navy Special Operations Foundation 501(c)(3)

Sponsoring an amount of $75 or more will include a complimentary NSOF shirt, based on availability