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Transition: The Next Chapter

Transition: The Next Chapter

Joe CockrellSep 30, 2019

One of the pillars here at NSOF is ensuring that the men and women that have served their nation in the Special Operations community are given the best chance at successfully transitioning into the next chapter of their lives. Whether they have served four years or have retired after 20 or more years, the ability to navigate this uncharted territory requires patience, resilience, and above all an external support network.

To assist our members we have put together an exceptional set of resources and have partnered with organizations who specialize in supporting transitioning veterans, particularly those that have served from within the various Special Operations communities. These men and women make up the top 1% of the military and possess skills and attributes that make them invaluable assets to any organization within any industry. The number one problem is the inability to connect with these companies, and if they are able to they lack the ability to adequately translate their experience and soft skills effectively which results in diminished confidence and self-devaluation.

One of many resources we offer to overcome this is by offering one on one professional interview and resume coaching sessions with renowned expert Scott Vedder. This has been hugely valuable for those who have participated, a recently retired member said the following of his experience with this service; "I had my phone interview with Scott Vedder this week. Wow is the first word that comes to mind, he was a wealth of knowledge and NSOF has a great ally in Scott. I have no doubt that this experience will help me reinvent myself and transition to my next career. Thank you for providing this one of a kind opportunity to our community."

Another essential element in achieving success is the ability to foster a professional network with individuals from as many industries in as many different locations as possible. This offers invaluable education and insights for service members who for many years have been focused on traversing the globe in defense of this great nation. The majority of the time these individuals have no clue what they should do once they hang up their uniforms, essentially "they don't know what they don't know."

Transition: The Next ChapterOne of the ways we combat this is by helping to facilitate opportunities for these members by funding travel to professional networking events around the country to major metropolitan cities. The next such event takes place in New York City on November 6/7th and is hosted by Elite Meet where executives and headhunters from consulting, financial, and defense industries come together to rub shoulders with the most capable operators and fighter pilots from across all branches of the armed forces. NSOF is a proud sponsor of Elite Meet and the incredible work they are doing to assist these exceptional operators!

To find out more about how NSOF can support your transition visit and fill out a request for support to be contacted by a member of our team.

In order to continue supporting these Warriors and expand these programs and resources we kindly request that you consider making a contribution. Any amount no matter how much WILL make an impact and we can't make this effort a reality without the love and support from our sponsors and donors. We also hold multiple events throughout the year and we are always looking for support from businesses to make them successful and raise awareness throughout our local communities. To learn more visit or contact us directly.

Transition: The Next Chapter