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Outlaw Eyewear: Protecting the Eyes of Those Who Protect Us

Outlaw Eyewear: Protecting the Eyes of Those Who Protect Us

Joe CockrellMay 01, 2020

We are so incredibly grateful to have the support of our small business and corporate partners in each of the communities where our Warriors and families reside! While we always do our best to recognize our sponsors and supporters who contribute to our local events as often as possible it is important to make a special effort to acknowledge those who have played an integral role in helping to advance our mission at the national level through their consistent commitment each year. This commitment comes in a variety of ways such as unique social media and awareness campaigns, event fundraisers, or significant monetary contributions that go above and beyond.

These remarkable partners deserve our respect for the love and support they show America's veterans!

This week, we spoke with one of our business supporters in Los Angeles, CA, Outlaw Eyewear!


What is your relation to the NSO community?

For some years now, we have sold Eye Protection, aka Sunglasses, to our members of the military, particularly those in Special Operations and Special Forces communities. When we got connected with operators in EOD, it was a natural fit as our Eye Protection is purposefully built to withstand impacts from projectiles and environmental conditions. Everyone in EOD is naturally enthusiastic about not only our ANSI Z87 High Velocity Impact test certification, but also the fact that our product is American made.


What is it about NSOF's mission that resonates with you and inspires you to support?

Two of the biggest risks our service men and women face are feeling not understood and feeling alone. When I first got to know NSOF, I was very impressed with the support that everyone in the Navy EOD community gives to them and their mission. Their mission seems to go hand in hand with the needs of our active duty and veterans. Having an organization of people there to support one's needs while serving and after getting out is crucial to remaining a healthy, dignified, and productive individual.

Someone close to us was honorably discharged from the military after serving overseas during a time of war. During and after his service, he suffered from Psychiatric illness due to the nature of his work, and he was given little support and very insufficient treatment. He was released and he had to deal with the world with no financial support, no friends, no healthcare, and no community. It took several years for him to find himself, get cleaned up, and seek help at the VA. If he only had someone in his corner at any point during his service or when he got out, he wouldn't have lost so many years of his precious life. No one should have to go through that, and our support of NSOF is designed to help make sure that doesn't happen to anyone else.


Outlaw Eyewear and NSOF

How has NSOF impacted the community or your own family or loved ones for the better?

Some of our EOD customers told us stories of how NSOF helped their brothers or loved ones. Their connection to NSOF was so touching that we felt the need to join the community and to grow the available support to more people in need.


How does NSOF differ from all the other Veteran Organizations that seek to help our Warriors and their families?

NSOF is a small, tightly knit organization that runs very efficiently. Many military charities don't do a lot to help at the individual level, and many spend a surprising amount of money on salaries and administrative expenses.

I feel that every dollar donated to NSOF, and every event we participate in, helps very deserving people and families.


Please tell us about your company or business, anything you would like us to share with our network.

Outlaw Eyewear is one of the few remaining American sunglass companies. Most others have been taken over by large foreign corporations that don't have the needs of our American military in mind. Our mission is to "Protect the Eyes of those that Protect Us." Navy EOD are the ultimate Warriors and Protectors, and we feel the need to at least help protect their eyes.

You only have one set of eyes, and the simplest particle of dust all the way to a high speed projectile can jeopardize your life.

When it's time to deploy or train, you need to have your Outlaw Eyewear with you to help you stay in the fight.


Team Outlaw at the NSO 5k in San Diego

Join Team Outlaw along with the rest of NSOF's supporters and community this Memorial Day Weekend in honoring the sacrifices of the remarkable Navy Special Operations Community by participating in our Never Forgotten 5k Virtual Event!

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