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Letter From the Executive Director

Letter From the Executive Director

Suzanna FisherJan 13, 2021

It is difficult to put into words the ups and downs we have all experienced in 2020. In 2019, we had projected an exciting year of growth for NSOF and the ability to increase our capacity to expand our reach and impact on the Navy Special Operations Community. After having to postpone all planned fundraising events and scheduled programs early in the year, this objective soon felt like an insurmountable goal, a feeling experienced by so many others across our nation and the world.

However, despite the unexpected challenges created by this pandemic, NSOF not only surpassed our goal, we managed to achieve some incredible accomplishments throughout the year!

Thanks to the tremendous support of our donors and friends, since inception NSOF has invested more than $460,000 in tailored services, unique programs, and emergency financial relief directly impacting over 3,055 Navy Special Operations Warriors and their families. The distribution of these funds equated to 96% of every dollar donated being directly utilized towards our stated mission, a metric unmatched by virtually all nonprofit organizations.

NSOF Donation Acheivements

This support is diverse and adaptable - from helping relieve a Gold Star spouse of unexpected financial hardship; to funding travel to ensure the wife of a deployed NEOD warrior would not be alone when she gave birth; to distributing over 300 quarantine kits for NSO members nationwide; to preparing more than 40 active NSO members for a successful transition through resume coaching and consultations; NSOF has provided the critical support our community needs.

We take an enormous amount of pride in this accomplishment, one that would not have been possible without your generosity and commitment to our mission here at NSOF - a commitment to ensure that our NSO operators and their families are provided with all the tools necessary to overcome any challenges they may face and let them know they are never alone in the fight.

To the NSO Community, our continued goal and message is quite easy - Turn to us first. Do not face the challenge alone!

The Navy Special Operations Foundation exists to be the singular point of support for the remarkable NSO heroes and their families who have sacrificed so much, and we will continue to stay true to our values in order to achieve our vision of keeping our families in the fight!

As always, the Navy Special Operations Foundation extends our overwhelming gratitude to the amazing donors, volunteers, and advocates who enable us to support NSO Warriors and their families who have selflessly served our nation.


Suzanna Fisher
Executive Director

NSOF Members

Note from Chairman

To all of our Leaders, Advisors, Volunteers and Donors, all of whom have sacrificed through their time commitment, financial contributions and continued strategic guidance in order to ensure the success of this organization for generations to come, I just want to extend a heartfelt thank you!

I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish together over the last three years. This community is comprised of the most exceptional Warriors and family members, and despite the challenges 2020 has forced us to endure, we already understood how to face this adversity the only way we know how – together as a family.

NSOF belongs to everyone in this community - past, present and future. We are excited at continuing to grow and cultivate this organization through your support and involvement.

God Bless, Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year to your family!


Joe Cockrell
Chairman & Founder

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