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2nd Annual Operator Reset

2nd Annual Operator Reset

Joe CockrellMar 10, 2020


Last month we were able to send 30 Navy Special Operations (NSO) operators to Big Bear Mountain in Southern California for some much-needed R&R during our 2nd Annual Operator Reset Initiative on February 21st-23rd. Thanks to our generous supporters, Navy Special Operation Foundation (NSOF) was able to fund three luxury cabins shared by the service-members, full-day lift tickets for Snow Summit Ski Resort, as well as dinner after a long day of hitting the slopes!

This group consisted of active duty service members, (many of which had just returned or were about to return to combat zones) retired and separated NSO operators, and the feedback from all was overwhelmingly positive.


 "Just having time to oneself to decompress from everyday events/responsibilities was very nice. Haven't had a day where I wasn't tasked in awhile. Good to have a day almost totally free to relax."

-Active Duty NSO Operator


The purpose of the Operator Reset Initiative is not just about skiing and having a great time in a beautiful cabin at Big Bear Mountain. That is the how, but it is important to understand the why. We started this initiative to start building a more holistic network amongst a community that has shouldered a great deal of burden over the past several decades in a global war that continues to endure.

It has been painful for too long to watch teammates hang up their uniforms and no longer have that clear, focused vision alongside peers who share common values and struggles. Along with the physical and emotional wounds from the job, that loss of purpose can sometimes be too much to bear and the tragic statistics have been overwhelming.


"Your organization does such a great job of listening to the community for ideas. Thank you."

-Active Duty NSO Operator


We created Operator Reset to give those still in the fight a meaningful opportunity to relax and reset, while at the same time opening our arms to those who have retired or separated to ensure they know they ALWAYS have a place within our very remarkable and unique community.

Active duty service members, retired and separated NSO operators

This opportunity is neither free nor inexpensive. In just two years NSOF has contributed over $200k directly into programs that have benefitted hundreds of NSO families and service members of both our active and retired populations, making a definitive impact on force resiliency. There is an incredible amount of effort that has gone into starting this organization, and to see it grow, we need support from all of you.

While we humbly ask for your ongoing support to our mission, instead of asking directly for donations, we want to ask for your involvement.

We kindly ask for your participation in any or all of these events and ask your friends and family in the local community to attend as well. The awareness and strength we build through active partnerships within the communities we live and work in are paramount to our success as an organization. We need your help to accomplish this goal!

Go to to learn more and purchase your tickets today!


"It's great to see people giving back to the community. Thank you for sacrificing your time and energy to help make us a stronger community."

-Active Duty NSO Operator


Memorial Day 5K and Celebration @ Liberty Station/Stone Brewery

3rd Annual East Coast NSOF Benefit Gala @ Hilton Main