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The Patriot Belle

The Patriot Belle


The Patriot Belle is proud to honor American Special Operations patriots and their families. This is made possible by partnerships with foundations on the front lines supporting these “special” communities by helping them to navigate the challenges & stress that come hand in hand with serving Liberty. The Patriot will be partnering with NSOF by pledging 10% of proceeds from all 2019 pieces.

Mission of Service

The voice of The Patriot Belle is that of the American Liberty. It is the voice of a beautiful force to be reckoned with that rings out with steadfast hope on even the darkest of nights and seeks to courageously serve others with its light. The Patriot Belle brand voice remains authentic in its values of honor & preservation. It stands rooted in heart to sing the song of our resilient nation’s tradition of uncommon courage.

The Patriot Belle, LLC was formed in 2018 by Norra Cardillo, a fine artist and American Preservationist, educated at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Norra was raised by a Special Operations Law Enforcement officer and is married to a Navy EOD Operator, making her a member of the Special Operations family by both blood & marriage. Norra started The Patriot Belle as a way to feed her soul while her husband was deployed. She discovered that her children were born into the same special operations community, and had not lived a day without understanding the meaning of sacrifice while their father was serving overseas. Norra came to realize it was the weight of these sacrifices that called upon her to rise up and share her light by serving our nation’s spartan warriors through her art.

Visit her website here to support her business and our community.